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Should you have questions about an event in our calendar, please get in contact with the event’s organizer directly. We do your best to forward your message, but can’t garantee you anything though.

If you want to send us one of those incredibly slow but still lovely snail mail letters feel free to do so.

Versus Fighting Association Switzerland
z.H. Alain Jollat
Erliweg 21
3312 Fraubrunnen

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Would you like to inform us about an event you are about to organise so we can add it to our calendar? Awesome. Please make sure that you include the following information (italic text marks optional stuff):

  • Name of the event
  • Date and time
  • Location/venue (with address, phone and website – if not yet stored in our system)
  • Organiser (with mail, phone and website – if not yet stored in our system)
  • Website of the event
  • Event cost (entry fee)
  • Event schedule
  • Streaming information
  • Event description (with information about tornament fees if applicable)
  • Games (with tornament information e.g. «Super Smash Bros. WiiU» 2 vs. 2)

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